Want your own telephone number? Try VoIP

Want your own telephone number? Try VoIP

In this day and age, using your home telephone number is not really feasible from a business perspective; many people like to keep it separate, and only for family and friends. You also don’t want just anyone in your house answering the calls from customers and clients.

A mobile number could also be expensive for some customers to call and can be put off from doing so when they see a number starting with 07. If your company can’t even afford a phone number why should anybody trust you with their credit card number? It’s not a particular good image and doesn’t really look professional on a business card. Again, mobile phones are good for more casual connections, not for potential, or new clients. However, if you wish to have a more inviting 0800 number (which is free to call), with VoIP you can do so!

Perhaps you are a SME that have just started up and don’t want to spend too much money on installing a new phone line for your office. A VoIP phone service can provide you with an internet-enabled handset for your office, with a telephone number of your choosing. You can take this to the next level, using a virtual receptionist, you can gain a local number, for example if you’re in London, you can select a 020 telephone number which when called, redirects to you, or your colleagues mobile phone if you’re on holiday, out of office/hours. This gives off a considerably better and more professional impression to your clients when meeting with them and sharing phone numbers.

What else can VOIP do for my business?

VoIP can also do everything that standard telephony can do plus a lot more and do it cheaper, with more features available than ever before. As previously mentioned, the likes of virtual receptionists and a custom business phone number come as standard on many VoIP packages.

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