Is VOIP a Better Option Than Landline?

Is VOIP a Better Option Than Landline?


What’s the difference between VOIP and my landline?

First it’s important to understand the difference between VoIP and a traditional landline telephone. A VoIP phone uses the internet (whether it be your local WiFi or over a 3G/4G network) Basically your voice gets transformed into digital data which is transported across the web to its destination. This is opposed to a landline telephone which uses physical telephone lines.

There are three main areas to look at when considering VOIP vs Landline; features, cost and sound quality.

Firstly when it comes to features, a landline service can provide access to a variety of features, such as caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, and international calling. Basic landline packages come with a range of offerings that include some or nearly all of these services. The majority, if not all of these services come with the above features regardless, whether you want them or not. With VOIP however, not only do you get even more features such as call parking, custom ring-back and call pick-up but you can pick and choose which one’s you’d like to have. Not only does this help save money but keeps things simple.

When it comes to sound quality, a lot of modern VOIP services now provide HD Audio which is almost as if the person on the other end is actually in the room with you. A landline on the other hand can go as low 5kbps which gives us the poor audio quality we’ve become used to with most landline (and 2G mobile phones.) Of course, VOIP relies on the speed of your internet and if you don’t have sufficient bandwidth it can cause issues but if voice quality is something that concerns you, then with the options available, it is a no-brainer.

Lastly when it comes to cost landlines simply cannot compete with VoIP in the majority of cases. Despite the fact that the cost of landline telephones has come down drastically in the last decade it is still not enough to match VOIP. This is especially true when it comes to making calls internationally, where it can cost a few pence a minute on VOIP. The lines are a bit more blurred when it comes to home use as competitors combine broadband and television deals with their landline deals however in an office environment there is simply no contest as if you combine it with features and a single subscription potentially starting as low as ‎£10 a month.

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