Why VOIP Technology is Only Getting Better

Why VOIP Technology is Only Getting Better

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Moore’s Law, in a simple word tells us that as the further we get in the future, the more advanced technology becomes. This applies to all technology sectors- including telephone systems and VOIP technology -with mobile phones growing towards being anything but phones nowadays, there is still a void available for people who like to communicate the old fashioned way… Just with more up-to-date hardware!

VOIP Technology today

Hosted VOIP technology and cloud telephone systems have grown immensely over the past decade when it first started to be noticed properly by the mainstream and has continually improved in quality since. With the release of high speed and fibre optic broadband, sleeker and more user-friendly handsets and 4G mobile network speeds, these all come together into one big melting pot and they all benefit hosted VOIP users.

We’re also now beginning to see the very first, very early peeks of 5G networks around the world and they’re outstripping the speeds of our home Wi-Fi networks with ease, never mind 4G! With this level of improvement along with general enhancements to VOIP software such as the development of codecs, we will see problems that may have plagued in the past will be completely eradicated.

The future of VOIP technology

Of course, we can’t know what the future will hold, we have no idea what our devices will look and perform like when we get into the late 2020s, 30’s and even 40s, but if we look at our current infrastructure we can hazard a guess at the possible projections. As we phase out the outdated landlines that have voice quality in the range of around 8kbps, which lets be honest, we know we can do better, with the likes of Skype, Facetime, and even voice chat on gaming consoles such as the Xbox One, we’re becoming more accustomed to HD Audio in our everyday life, this is also becoming true in our main telephony now as well.

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