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How VoIP can save your business money - VOIPE
How VoIP can save your business money

How VoIP can save your business money

Your business can save money by taking advantage of VoIP solutions through various means. If you’re using a traditional landline and all the extra expensive equipment that comes with it, you could be missing out on substantial savings. Not to mention the ease of use for your employees.

To begin with, calls to other companies using VoIP are free, which could result in savings for businesses from the offset, which can halve your communication costs immediately before taking everything else into consideration.

Can I save money on calls outside the UK?

If you rely on international calls, you could also save money here. Calls abroad cost just a few pence with most providers, they may even come included as standard at no extra cost on some packages. No matter where you need to call in the world, as the service is provided over the internet, a call to Australia should sound the same as a call to the office on the floor below.

What if I can get to the office?

Aside from the cost savings, VoIP also enables businesses and their employees to work remotely and take their phone number with them and is an ideal tool for disaster recovery. Say it’s the depths of winter and there’s been a huge snowstorm. You might not be able to make it to the office but you can still answer your calls on your mobile with your office number, using a softphone app.

Line rentals are now as low as 20% of the cost of a traditional phone line and are easier to maintain. There’s no expensive hardware to worry about, it’s just as many plug and play telephone handsets as you need, and your broadband connection.

With the swath of features available on all modern internet enabled telephones and the flexibility on offer for your staff, VoIP can save you money in bills, as well as man-hours, so less time wasted when things go wrong or unexpected problems occur.

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