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What are VoIP Phones? | The Basics III - VOIPE
What are VoIP Phones? | The Basics III

What are VoIP Phones? | The Basics III

So far, we have seen some real world examples of how VoIP benefits businesses of all sizes and shapes and how it has grown to be adopted by so many users worldwide. Now we want to show you how VoIP can do more than just the basics of a phone service, it could even be a life-saver.

With Hosted VoIP services hardware not being based in your office, it means if anything happens such as a fire or even a natural disaster, you’re telephony won’t be damaged or taken offline for an extended period of time. Traditionally, you may have even lost an expensive piece of tech and your business would be unreachable by phone for a few days minimum. With VoIP however, you can simply use your mobile phone and have your office calls redirected via softphone. This means you and your staff can still be reached and your business can continue to work as normal, you can even work from home if your office is unreachable. This is also applicable to those who work outside the office a lot. If you’re a travelling salesperson for example, you only need one phone number in order to be reached by colleagues, customers and clients.

What about video?

VoIP also enables you to have HD video conference calling- meaning that you can have face-to-face interviews with prospective employees and clients without even leaving the office. This opens up a world of possibilities. Many services include cheap international calling which allows you to potentially have employees abroad. You can communicate with them via VoIP phone and it won’t break the bank and you can include them in office meetings via the HD video calling feature. No matter where they’re based in the world, you can make them feel part of the team.

These are just two examples of how VoIP can change your business whilst saving you money and opening up a new realm of potential, beyonds the basics. If you’d like to see how it can be applied to your business take a look at our plans and pricing today to get started.

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