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How VoIP can help your business be more professional. - VOIPE
How VoIP can help your business be more professional.

How VoIP can help your business be more professional.

VoIP phones come with features that you simply cannot find on older, more traditional landline phones. This means it is easier for you and your staff to manage incoming calls and generally improve the public face of your business by automating certain things you previous weren’t able to do, coming across as more professional.

This can include small things such as on-hold music (don’t leave your customers/clients sitting in silence) and call recording, allowing you to listen back and improve your performance over the phone should be it necessary.


What other VoIP features are available?

There are other features available (usually in your package at no extra cost) such as HD video conferencing if you wish to be more open with your clients, instead of just using your voice. There is also the immensely useful call back button which you can place on your website for your clients/customers to use. These are buttons that are placed on your company website to give visitors the option for someone from your company to call them if they have any questions.

This is considerably more convenient for customers as they aren’t wasting time on the phone, being passed around to the right department. It makes your company more professional and gives off the image that you care about your customers. It has been proven that having this feature available (and if used in the right way) and lead to a huge uptake in terms of sales and conversion rates. If you’re a business that relies on it’s sales department, or are looking to boost your sales targets, this may be a good way to go about it.

If you’re still using a mobile number as your main business contact number, then it may be time to change. It doesn’t give a good first impression and make your business seem small and even unprofessional in some cases. With a VoIP phone, you can gain a main (more professional looking) business phone number on a 0800 line (or something more local if you wish) and reroute it to your mobile phone.

A VoIP phone can take your business further by saving money, providing you with more telephony features and allowing you to boost your businesses public image.

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