How Can A Virtual Receptionist Boost Your Brand Image?

How Can A Virtual Receptionist Boost Your Brand Image?

About 75% of incoming calls of small business result in hang ups as soon as they reach answering machines. This means there are so missed opportunities to generate revenue from prospective clients. You can reduce the number of hang up calls by using a virtual or e-receptionist. A live ‘individual’ can provide a better service to customers than just regular answering machines.

Not only could you save money by using a virtual receptionist over their human equivalent (20% no less) yet they can provide similar, if not more, services overall. There are numerous other benefits other than savings. Incoming calls, for example; will always be answered regardless if you’re at your phone or not. A virtual receptionist doesn’t go on breaks, so your business will always have someone to address inquiries from customers about your products or services. Your phone lines can then be diverted to your virtual receptionist with specific recorded messages during breaks, holidays (including those which are unplanned), and emergencies.

A professional image is maintained and your customers will have a good impression of your company and that has good customer service. Customers will develop loyalty to your business if they see you care about them. By using a virtual receptionist, you can do what needs to be done without being at your office or tied down to a smartphone but your clients messages will still reach you, and your professional image will be held.

With a virtual phone system, you can avoid the costly pitfalls that come with hiring full-time staff to handle your incoming calls. This is even more important for new businesses just starting up who need to ensure their costs are as small as possible. There are a different types of virtual receptionist services available, making it an ideal choice for businesses in any field. Take a look at our hosted VOIP plans, where starting from just £9.99 a month you can enjoy this and many other amazing features.

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