On Pay-As-You-Go Mobile? Save money with VOIP

On Pay-As-You-Go Mobile? Save money with VOIP

Save money with a hosted VOIP solution from VOIPE. Save money & gain a feature rich phone systemMobile contract prices can vary wildly- so much so that some people prefer to buy their phones outright and then pay a small amount of money every month as opposed to a larger monthly amount for an upfront ‘free’ phone. Pay As You Go is one of these options but one long call that costs your entire monthly allowance and that saving theory is out of the window. PAYG is a great alternative to regular phone contracts that have become the norm for a lot of people; especially if you have an unlocked mobile phone but you still have to be careful you don’t exceed your limit.

How can I save money on my current mobile plan with VOIP?

A softphone app can solve a lot of these problems. Depending on your current work situation you might be able to benefit from this (and you might not even know it!) If your business switches a VOIP telephony solution then a lot of softphone extras come with it; free of charge as part of the deal.

What this means is, you can make as many calls as you like over the internet and it won’t eat into your PAYG minutes. Of course, as it relies on the internet it may very well eat into your 3G/4G data if you’re out and about,however, if you’re connected to WiFi then it won’t cost you a penny! A lot of public places have their own WiFi zones, some shops even have them free of charge, such as Starbucks, McDonalds and even train stations so even if you’re travelling between offices you can stay in touch.

So if you have a pay as you go contract on your mobile phone, or even if you’re paying monthly and you only have a limited amount of call minutes and want to make sure you don’t go over the limit, take a look at a softphone alternative.

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