Want to save money? Consider a Hosted VOIP solution!

Want to save money? Consider a Hosted VOIP solution!

Save money with a hosted VOIP solution from VOIPE. Save money & gain a feature rich phone system

A Hosted VOIP solution is a great way to cut costs without having to cut back

Think your business landline isn’t good value? Especially considering how much you’re paying for it all? It’s understandable if you’re unsure where to turn next, especially if you have been hopping around from provider to provider for years. Thankfully however, there is a genuine alternative from the usual names that may have let you down before.

With a Hosted VOIP telephone system, you don’t have to worry about extortionate prices; because it’s an online solution, it is one basic subscription fee on a monthly basis with a one-off installation fee. No hidden charges. Even the phone handset/s come with the package you select, it will have everything you need.

One problem with older telephony alternatives have been the fact that they need constant maintenance, whether it’s a specific mechanic, engineer or I.T. professional, indeed maybe your own I.T. department looking after it, the costs of having them around can be unexpected. With a hosted VOIP line however, it is all managed at the providers site, not yours, so you don’t have to have costly engineers hanging around, waiting for something to go wrong.

VOIP works on other devices too, not just your office desk handset, you can have apps on your computer, tablet and mobile phone. This is highly convenient and can save you time as well as money. Say you’re away at your desk but someone rings it, thanks to a hosted VOIP line, you’ll still receive the call on a registered device, so you’ll never miss a call again.If ‘time is money’ for you, then hosted VOIP¬†might just be a lifesaver.

If you need to save money in your business, then take a look at a Hosted VOIP solution to your problems, it can be a great alternative to cutting staff or wages. Give it a go today and see why telephony is moving in a VOIP-like direction.

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