How a phone system upgrade could help your business

Are you using the same business phone system you have been using for the last few years? Maybe even the last few decades? Lots of companies install a phone system when they first move into or set up their new office and then never both to upgrade again. Either through lack of knowledge, interest or awareness.

However, with everyone having a mobile phone these days. can it be argued that the is the business phone on its way out? We say yes! Not only will you get rid of a system that’s about to become obsolete and bring your office into the 21st century, but you’ll also gain a number of other benefits.

Problems with an older phone system

Older phone systems just aren’t very easy to expand, leaving you with a severe lack of features. It will actually cost you less to install a brand new system instead of upgrading your old one but not only that; you can get much more flexibility with a VOIP line and extra features which can really help your staff in the long run; such as call parking for example. Not only that but VoIP technology also allows you to call anywhere in the world without worrying about long distance charges, take calls from your laptop, tablet, or other internet-capable device.

An added bonus to all of this, is especially if you’re an increasingly-expanding business, is that adding additional phone numbers to your system does not require buying any new hardware or running any new cables. It’s all done by your internet connection, therefore wireless and painless.

Setting up a VOIP phone system is quick and easy!

Setting up a cloud-based VoIP phone system is increasingly faster and cheaper than putting in an old-style landline system. If you’re setting up a new office, cloud systems are just quick and easy in comparison to older ways because it’s all ‘plug and play.’

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