VOIP vs Skype: Why Should I pay for VOIP?

VOIP vs Skype: Why Should I pay for VOIP?













Skype is a communication tool that allows you to call anyone with a phone or account over the internet. If you think it sounds like VOIP, then you’d be right as it is virtually identical. However, Skype comes pre-installed on all modern Windows computers and VOIP costs a monthly fee

Why wouldn’t I just run my business with Skype as the main communication tool?

Firstly, Skype could end up being more expensive in the long term. How can a piece of free software cost more than a subscription-based service? To make a call to an actual phone, you still need credit and if you have a reasonably sized business, all those few pence calls will add up pretty quickly. With VOIP, it is one small subscription cost a month, and you and your employees can make as many calls as they like, to whomever they want, wherever they want.

What are the differences in features from VOIP vs Skype?

If you’re not too concerned about the extra cash you may need to fork out at least Skype will be feature-heavy, right? Well, in this department VOIP has it beaten outright. Despite it’s high user number and popularity, Skype does lack considerable features that come as standard on virtually all VOIP packages such as call reporting, having an auto attendant and voicemail.

Skype is also freeware, meaning there is no paid option, so whether you like it or not, you will always see adverts all over your interface. Ever since Skype removed it’s premium-paid option, there hasn’t been an option to remove adverts. It isn’t a game-breaker by any means, but with VOIP, you don’t have to worry about this; a paid service means that you should never see adverts across the various software.

As it is a very popular piece of kit, Skype is vulnerable to hackers looking to get at your personal information. Of course, this can be said for any popular software but if you’re particularly worried about these kinds of threats, taking out a subscription with a regular VOIP provider may be the preferred option for you, as they tend to fly under the radar of cyber hackers and thieves.


What’s next for VOIP?

As its technology progresses further and further and with more features continually being added to the latest software, handsets and providers it is starting to make more and more sense to turn away from the fruitless freeware options of Skype and into professional VOIP providers.

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