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Hybrid PBX | Telephone Systems | Hosted Phone System - VOIPE

Hybrid PBXEnjoy hosted VOIP features and save your existing investment

VOIPE provide hosted telephony plans from £9.99 a month so your business can enjoy all the benefits of cloud hosting at a low cost.

Have you invested in a PBX system and want to save this investment? If so VOIPE can provide all the features and benefits of hosted VOIP with hybrid PBX. Find out here how updating your PBX system to a hosted phone system can free you from costly line rental contracts and save you money on call costs, all while providing the feature rich telephone system your business needs to be up-to-date with technology!

Hosted VOIP ensures all of your communications are in the one place, ensuring you never miss an important business call. VOIPE also provide hosted PBX systems so you can save your investment!

Add more flexibility to your existing telephone system

With our low monthly costs there is no need to commit to a long term line rental contract, so you can add more flexibility to your existing PBX system with hybrid PBX without compromising on features. Your calls are routed using VOIP, cutting your call costs and saving you money, with your new business phone system being more resilient than ever.

As your phones are hosted in the cloud, in the event of an emergency your calls can be re-routed easily making your phone system more reliable and resistant to downtime. We can have your phone system up and running within seconds, avoiding costly call outs from engineers.

Not only do you get peace of mind, you also get the amazing features of a VOIP phone system for your business bringing your telephone system up-to-date with the latest technology. Check them out here!

VOIP Mobility with hybrid PBX

Enjoy VOIP mobility with hybrid PBX, your staff can easily be distributed to remote locations with ease with a hosted PBX system, meaning that staff can work from any device as if it was their traditional extension. Staff are free to work anywhere there is an IP connection. This also means that you are not restricted by where your staff are located when hiring, your staff can be based further afield as they don’t need to be in the office with hosted PBX.

While you get to save your existing phone system investment, with a hybrid PBX system from VOIPE you can also enjoy a cloud based phone system which ensures flexibility, resilience and feature rich telephony. With hosted PBX from VOIPE you will free up your staff to work from wherever they need to and save money on their call costs.

A VOIP phone system gives you the opportunity to keep your existing number or create a new local or non-geographical number to suit your business' needs