Successfully run a hosted contact centre with hosted VOIP and record calls, monitor staff and more at low monthly prices

Run a hosted contact centre with VOIPEWith our VOIP telephone systems you can monitor call activity and more at low monthly prices

VOIPE provide hosted telephony plans from £9.99 a month so your business can enjoy all the benefits of cloud hosting at a low cost.

A hosted contact centre can be easily set up and run with a hosted VOIP plans from VOIPE. The amazing features of a VOIP phone system make it easy and affordable to manage your hosted contact centre; with the ability to record calls for training and easy access to call reports you can monitor activity in your contact centre and ensure optimum customer experience.

Features of a hosted contact centre

When running a hosted contact centre with hosted VOIP from VOIPE you can access call logs at any time, meaning you can always check on how many calls your staff receive each day and which staff are answering the most calls. You can also see staff availability at all times in your business, across all of your sites so efficient staffing can be maintained and customers are not left waiting. Calls can also be recorded for training purposes and for help with conflict resolution.

Staff can work remotely and log-in from anywhere there is a WiFi connection and they can work on any device with our Softphone app, saving you money on hardware. With staff located anywhere, you are not limited to hiring from your local area as your talent pool can be widened so you recruit the best staff for your business. Not only is your talent pool wider, your business’ growth is not restricted by your telephone system, because our VOIP phone systems can grow with your business.

Host your own hosted call centre with a robust, resilient hosted VOIP telephone system from VOIPE

Our VOIP phone systems also have a virtual receptionist feature, which allows your calls to be directed to the correct department before speaking to an operative. Most importantly, our VOIP telephone systems are robust and resilient. Your contact centre is protected from downtime as we can get you back up and running within seconds of downtime so you won’t miss a call from a customer again.

A hosted phone system allows your staff to work collaboratively, with clear communications over the internet phone system

Monitor activity in real-time via your dashboard

Your business can monitor in real time which staff are taking calls, how long they have been on the phone and how many customers are in a queue. From the hosted contact centre software you can see all the information you need in real time meaning any issues can be dealt with quickly and efficiently; including issues with bottlenecks, availability and employee productivity. Not only can this be monitored in real time, but historically so you can get a broader view and can improve call centre performance.

The software allows you to keep track of staff at all locations with a few clicks! This can be done from anywhere at anytime, using any of your devices. This technology is usually expensive and complicated, however a hosted phone system can easily accommodate your call centre at low monthly cost to your business, with no need for expensive hardware or maintenance!

Finally, with the hosted contact centre software your business can mix on premise staff and virtual workers seamlessly to minimise the time your customers are queueing, increasing customer satisfaction! You can also easily add and remove workers from your dashboard with no hassle or extra costs!

When operating a hosted contact centre with our hosted phone systems, the features above can be tailored to fit the needs of your organization whether you are making a higher amount of outbound calls or want to improve customer experience when making inbound calls, just speak to one of our consultants who will discuss your options.

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