Five Underrated VoIP Features

Five Underrated VoIP Features

Discover how with VOIPE's mobile softphone application your staff can use the "bring your own device" trend to enjoy VOIP communications on the go.Are there some VOIP features that you don’t use? It’s understandable, one of the main benefits of VOIP are the great extras you can get; usually at no extra charge. It can be easy to get overwhelmed so we have made a case for some of the add-ons that get left out by the majority of us.

VOIP Feature 1: Call Me Now

If you work in a sales-related environment, Call Me Now could be one of the more useful VoIP features. It basically allows people to call your company by clicking on a web-based icon on your website or social media. You are able to quickly respond to any questions from the customer on the other end, even more so than with an instant chat service.

VOIP Feature 2: Custom Ring Back

When a customer calls your company, you can have it play your choice of music or a more personal recordings, you can even replace the traditional dialing tone if you so wish. It doesn’t sound like much to shout about but it can help increase leads without taking up your staff’s time.

This feature is a great way to gauge information, get questions from customers, and provide talking points during the call

VOIP Feature 3: Push to Talk

Push to Talk allows you to call a phone on the same network as yourself and activate the other line’s speaker. The other line then acts as an intercom; however, the receiver of the call can also talk back by pressing a button. Think of this feature in the same vain as a walkie-talkie.

VOIP Feature 4: Call Pick-Up

Call Pick-Up allows you to enter a star code to answer any phone that is ringing on your network. This means that you can answer your colleagues calls (who might be away from his/her desk) without leaving your seat, it’s only a small thing but saves you getting up and down all day.

VOIP Feature 5: Call Parking

Call Parking is a feature that allows you to “park” a call and put it in an extension. This basically means the line that the call originally rang to is freed for future calls.

Whilst you may not use every single thing that comes with your subscription, these are some of the more underrated VOIP features which we think you should be using, give them a try and see how much the could benefit you!

Find out more about all our amazing VOIP features and see how your business can use them!

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