Our Favourite VoIP Features

Our Favourite VoIP Features

VoIP cloud phones have lots of features- considerably more than old, traditional telephones. Some of them are perhaps more useful than others to you, and we all require our phones to do different things on a personal level. However, we’ve picked out some of our favourite features that everyone can take advantage of.

Virtual receptionist

A virtual receptionist can route your calls for you, removing the need for a human receptionist or assistant. You can also have time-specific messages go out to the caller depending on where you are. If you’re on holiday for example, you can open the call with a message informing the caller that you’re on holiday and that they’re about to be re-directed to a colleague. It save you time, money, keeps up a professional image as all your calls are answered, and make your customers happy.

24/7 Support

In the unlucky event that you do encounter problems with your service there is always someone to talk to or consult for when some does go wrong. You may not ever need it, but it’s good to know it’s there.

Softphone/Follow Me

Not in the office? Maybe you like to travel around a lot on sales calls. It’s OK with a VoIP phone though, you can still be contacted via the very same phone number. This means there’s no need to give out loads of different numbers on your business card for example- it’s one number that works on your office phone, mobile phone, tablet or any other internet-enabled device.

On-hold music

Let your customers/clients listen to some music whilst they wait. There’s nothing worse than having dead air on the other end whilst being on hold; some people might even think they’ve been hung up on.

Call Whispering

You can coach staff through a live call- no need to have silly practice runs; listen in on their calls and speak to them without the person on the other end hearing you. There is also the option of taking over the call if necessary.


You’ll never need to hear that engaged tone again. With Presence you can see who is on or offline, in a similar mould to instant messaging services or Skype.

Call Recording

‘Some calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes.’ This can also be the case for your office and take advantage of being able to listen back to your calls and perfect your pitch.

Video Conferencing

Face-to-face business is proven to increase sales so why not engage with your customers/clients over your webcams instead of a phone? As VoIP is internet-based, you should be able to take advantage of HD quality picture and audio with ease.

No matter what VoIP package you sue you should be able to take advantage of the majority, if not all of these great features. Read more about our VOIP features or take a look at how with a small monthly fee you can enjoy these hosted VOIP features right away!

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