How a virtual receptionist can improve your business

How a virtual receptionist can improve your business

Want a receptionist to handle your incoming calls but can’t afford to hire one? This could be the case for hundreds, if not thousands of new SME’s across the UK. Whilst it would be nice to have a human receptionist at your office that answers calls and deals with visitors, but at the beginning of your business journey that is not always possible or financially realistic. There is an alternative however and it comes in the form of a virtual receptionist.

Simply put, a virtual receptionist is able to give a sophisticated and professional look to your business at the front end. It handles calls to a number of your choosing and makes sure they get answered promptly, meaning better customer service for you and your business. It then lays out the appropriate extensions and departments for the caller who then chooses where they want to go, ensuring they get seen to by the right person. If you receive a call out of hours or are busy in a meeting, you can reroute the call to your voicemail. You can even set up a custom greeting specifically for when you’re on holiday or during a set period of time. There is also the option to customise the greeting and message depending on the number calling- you can set certain numbers to hear specific promotions based on geography or their area code for example.

You even get the choice of on-hold music, from a wide variety of genres and styles. The customisation available are almost endless. If you’re considering buying a VoIP phone system, then having a virtual receptionist feature is absolutely vital for any owner/s. If you’re just starting up and/or just looking for viable alternatives to employing a receptionist in your office, this may the best cost-effective solution available.

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